Sure there is his awesome music, his adorable face, his sexy body... But one of my favorite things that I have noticed is the fact that he kisses all the girls with his eyes closed... So romantic and special... Now if I could only get my husband to do that!!!!

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It is cute, but just imagine looking straight into his hazel eyes when his lips are upon yours.....If I get a chance to kiss him full on I would love to stare into his eyes... (Is it hot in here or is it just me!)
But closing your eyes is more special because you are forced to feel the kiss with your lips... Lol need to open a window turn up the AC
No I need an Ice bath! And Enrique in it

Yeah, havo noticed that too!! I think thats super cool!!

and I couldn't let go this opportunity to show my our proof of it!!! YIKES!!!


P.S: I had to post it here too, you all know how I love to share OUR kiss!!  ; )

so tell me, was his lips juicy? lol no really haha

OMG! they're PERFECT, just like him, juicy and bitable!! LOL


awww Lucky you! All I can do is day dream about those lips( the bottom lip especially!)
LOL..Yeah Rita!!..Sarah
Michelle..I have thought and noticed of that...and it is so sweet..from the heart..sarah
Yes, I just noticed that recently!! That is so sweet! This shows that he is so sweet and romantic. But in one picture where he was kissing Anna, he has his eyes half open which was really weird. But I guess that was just on of those moments.  Enrique, deny it how much ever you want, but you are a romantic! =)


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