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awe sad I hope she's still on. this season she kinda go the raw end of the deal with the "older" group. I love watching her and I won't watch the show if she's not on it, it's the only reason I watch now!
Anyone has a link to the second episode please? Has it aired yet?

OMG it's so sad...... =(

I watched Biggest Loser only because of her..... And now I don't want to watch it if she will go away!!!

She is amazing, and I loved her in this show..... Oh, I hope she will stay...... =(

She is perfect for this job...... If they don't want Anna, they will lose a lot of viewers!

Me too :(

Well it seems she could hold her team intact for the time being last night..


On another she will be promoting the show today (Oct.5) on "Extra" in LA at the Grove..Somehow once again can't help but think: did she arrange it so it would be done around this date (with that other event happening tomorrow, as we all know..) or would it just simply be a coincidence ?!!/extratv/status/121346054032605187

"Joining #ExtraTV @TheGroveLA 10/5 1PM @biggestlosernbc trainer #AnnaKournikova . Come watch the intv and get some fitness tips! -15 hours ago via web"


PS- Wouldn't it be nice if Enrique could also do a bit of promo for the new stopping by a radio station such as KIIS-FM or so..I know he's busy and he should also be relaxing whenever he has the opportunity..but it could make a difference, especially when the song has just come out such as now..


Thanks for the info =)

Thanks for the info!

I'm probably going to make myself sound stupid but what's happening tomorrow?

Well, some Spanish singer will be performing at the Staples Center tomorrow night..does it ring a bell LOL ?!

Oh really??? 

Yes, it is LOL :)

hahaha I get it I didn't make the conection that he would be there the next day, lol. I thought you were talking about something Anna was doing/promoting. I wonder if she'll go to the show or not
This is an interview she gave to a Washington radio station earlier today to promote.It's also about her possible future with BL..The last minute they get to talk about that and the answer is pretty vague, to say the least..
i was gonna start recording just cus of her


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