Hey guys! Good news. The new English single called “Tonight” is hitting U.S. airwaves today! It will also be posted on our websites shortly, and hopefully hitting iTunes later this week! There are 2 versions, a clean one and a dirty. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh i'm listening to it right now!!!!! thanks for the updates Zach!!
Daaahhhhmmm i love both versions .....like you said the clean and dirty version hahahhahaha!!! amazing!!!!
One thing is sure...this will be a biggggggggggggggggg HIT!!!!! hope we can hear it soon in the charts here in europe and also in the rest of the world!!

Good job Enrique!!!!! this song is really amazing!!!!! seriously such a amazing uptempo dance song aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh i just can't wait to hear him singing this song the next tour!!! yayayyyayayayay!!!

Thanks again Zach....hoy soy feliz!!!!

Me too .. I'm still listening too .. I'm never gonna be able to sleep now LOL

Can't wait to hear him sing it on the next tour .. I do wonder which version he would choose then LOL
Wahahahahah yeahhhh i guess it will be a insomniac night again lol!:P aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh he can sing the dirty version here in Holland....he knows he can do that here;)
No, I was able to sleep .. but guess what version I woke up with ! hahaha Enrique ..stop messing around with my mind ;-))
For sure the dirty one on tour!! ;)
Thank you Zach....Hope Denmark will get it too.....
I love it going to ask my girlfriend who works for radio in canada too play it
Really good news. Thank you Zach!
woop woop luv it ;-)
hehe)) nice wordings ''clean'' and ''dirty'') I love both versions, but when I listen the ''clean'' one all the time I wanna sing ''f***king u....oops
I love this song! Thank you so much Zacho)) It was unexpected to know
Soo how is this new song going to help promote the album?? Will there be a new Spanish single out anytime soon? or is the spanish label going to put enrique on hold while they promote Juanes' new album? I guess since " I like it" sold over 2 million they are going to focus more on singles
He does have a new Spanish single too .. 'No me digas que no' is being released now, the video will be out in a few days.


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