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Wow... Thanks! 

Thank you Kamila

There is this video also that Enrique has recorded on the same time

If Valerie can made the translations, it would really great

Merci Brigitte!!!  xox

"""I wrote that song in my house, 5 years ago, I had it like a Demo, I could put in in my last Album(Euphoria), but we couldn't finish it, and I had always the feeling that it has something special. One day, I dared to send the song to Romeo, and he liked the song, and he gave his magic. To have a song like Loco, so positiv appreciated/accepted, is like I want everyday more to write best songs, this is something that you can't plan, sometimes it happens sometimes no. I don't have just a tipic sound in my album, for me the most important is the song. After I recorded the song, it has a certain sound, and then if I wrote other one and it has other sound, while I like the song I'll put in album. And I realize with this album, that the last one(Euphoria) was the an important album, I think this is more musically diversed."""

Thanks to share Kamila!!!  :)

 I love this song, and the video ! thanks for sharing the interviews ! :))

You're welcome!

Thanks for sharing


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