it's great news!! i hope it's realy true!!!!



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Where did you hear that ?

He did a online chat last week and said maby a new album in 2012 but was not going to put himself under that kind of pressure....

Correct me if I am wrong but am nearly sure thats what he said.....



Cheers June.... I was nearly sure thats what he said.... It's a lot to ask he is only just finished one tour he needs a break.




I can't see the video can some one upload it

wow!!! awesome)) i remember he said smth about new album in that chat but i don't know how to believe! of course he always keeps his words coz it's Enrique ) lol but his last album was in 2010 & it seemed really strange =) i get used to wait for his albums 4 years and that's why i may doubt =)

 you made me laugh Olya LOL!!

were did u get the news from? 

I don't see a new album happening in 2012...think he will be busy with other things now......which is a pity.

Check the link above bhavya

I think he might try to release an album in maybe early 2013 or April-May 2013 because it will take him time to finalize all the songs and everything. I just hope Enrique doesn't rush and put out an album because I don't want to happen what happened with 7. He rushed it, and it didn't become a success. So Enrique, please, we have no problem in waiting. Just think and take decisions slowly and properly, no pressure from our side. 

There is pressure from me actually LOL......2013 is too long to wait for an album, really it is!


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