So here it is December 2nd and no news of a new album,  I was just thinking Enrique should be close to finishing it up by now, oh well maybe it'll come in 2019 or not he's probly having to much fun being a  dad, and finishing up touring, at any rate Enrique I didn't forget about it I'm still holding you to it.... 

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Mickey how are you doing.

Glad to have you back here.......We can have some fun as usual.

Enrique is busy with having private events and the kids and the dogs take away most of the time.

His new album will have new songs for the next generation.................that is his kids and our kids..........LOL..........................NEW NURSERY RHYMES ALBUM...........COMING SOON.

Iona what's new? Yeah I see this place is slow again, everytiime I come here it's the same topics on the front page, so I decided we needed to talk about the new album, I think you might be onto something about nursery rhymes for his kids and ours, I seriously doubt there is an album in the works he is just sayin that to shut us up, I'll believe it when I see it.....

He has only been writing new music......or NEW NURSERY RHYMES FOR KIDS...................ROTFL 

BTW he did a recent interview and imagine he is coming to Dubai and NOT INDIA.............I so want to kick his BUTT so it gets more FLAT...............LMAO

Here is the interview:

What’s On: You’re heading back to Dubai to perform at The Pointe Palm Jumeirah this December, what is it you love about performing in Dubai? 
Enrique Iglesias: The crowd there has this amazing energy which is contagious.

WO: What can we expect from your performance at The Pointe at Palm Jumeriah? 
EI: Some new songs, some old. A night of dancing and fun. We have a great show planned with a lot of new production and surprises.

WO: If you’ve got any spare time while you’re in Dubai, what will you be getting up to?
EI: Time is always limited while on tour, but I will be sure to make time for some great meals. I am open to any suggestions of course.

WO: What do you never travel without?
EI: My phone is very important so I can stay in touch with family and friends back home, and also look at photos of my dogs [laughs]

WO: What are your plans for 2019? 
I have new music I will finally be ready to share, and lots of touring is being scheduled as well.

WO: Have you made a New Year’s resolution yet, if so, what is it? 
I haven’t really thought about that quite yet, but will definitely involve writing and recording new music.

I saw that I thought you would be happy since isn't dubai India? I don't know where you are though so , any rate Skinnyman needs to get the dam abum finished and we'll stop barking at him, I want fresh songs nO pITbull collaborations either......dream on right?   we'll see what happens with it all....

We all know it means sooon is  sooon for a long time     for a new album, its been t o long,  they better not deleted, that woud be stupid move.....


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