Ok guys I really wanted to do this when I got back to the hotel but the internet wasn't working so here it is...

I had my friend, Ashley, sleepover at my apartment the night before we left. We made a poster! (I can't upload the pics right now ): ) We ended up leaving the next morning around 11:00, it was a 2-3 hour drive. The whole way there we were blaring Enrique! Our hotel was right across the from the arena and I we saw a group of tour buses. I took a few pictures and I swear I saw Laura Jane get out of one of them! We hung out at the hotel until about 6:15 then walked over to the arena. We bought our Enrique shirts and then went to find our seats. I was really shocked to see that we weren't as far from the stage as I thought we would be and we were probably 25 feet from the B stage. We waited about half an hour before Prince Royce came on. He was so adorable. At one point someone gave him a rose and then at the end of his set he gave it to a girl at the end of the catwalk. It was so cute. (I felt bad for whoever gave it to him though).

We waited about 10-15 for Pitbull but it was well worth it. He was so amazing. He was dancing his ass off and Ashley fell in love with him, lol. He sang quite a few songs, some in spanish. Um I don't seem to remember them now I now he sang I Know You Want Me and his verses from the popular songs like On The Floor and DJ Got Us Falling In Love. The music was so loud and I could feeling beating in my chest. I loved it. Then Nayer came out and sang Suave! She is so crazy she got down on the stage and was flipping her hair around and dancing like none other.

It was about 8:50 when Pitbull finished and we waited until 9:20 for Enrique. During this time they played Thriller and people were dancing then some guy down by the stage took his shirt of and was dancing but we couldn't really see him.

Enrique started with Tonight just like always and I couldn't even hear myself think everyone was screaming so loud. And he did the whole "Can I get a little dirty Chicago?" which was great.

He pulled a guy on stage who was going crazy. When he finally sat down he asked Enrique for a favor. He wanted him to sing Stand By Me because his father learned English by listening to that song 50 some years ago and he had just recently passed away from cancer. At that point Enrique got up and walked back to the drums and grabed a towel. He was crying, really crying. He sat back down and the guy on stage was freaking out. Enrique was like "I'm sorry I'm getting emotional. Cancer is a shity thing. My aunt just died from cancer." He said that he hated doing this because it was supposed to be a fun night. The entire crowd was silent. We all felt for him so much. He had the guy pull his girlfriend on stage and sang Cuando Me Enamoro. Then he dedicated Stand By Me to this guy's dad and his aunt. It was really cute and the guy couldn't sing but he tried anyway. Then he sang No Me Digas Que No and the whole crowd sang along.

After that we saw them wheel him back in the box. It was so cool he was literally 5 feet from us! When he popped up on the B stage everyone around us went wild and tried to push toward the stage but we weren't on the floor we were in the first level so security wouldn't let :( I was able to get a video of the hero girl but I didn't get the last 5 seconds because my memory card was full. I was so angry. The hero girl was really sweet but had a tough time gett on the stage, lol.

After Hero he was carted back to the stage and sang I Like It with Pitbull and the confetti and big balloons went off. I love when Enrique and Pitbull sing together. They just bounce off each other! Then he came back and played Tonight again.

I was really hoping that he would play I Like How It Feels but he didn't. He actually played the video up on the screens which was cool.

Here is the set list. As far as I remember!

Tonight, Dirty Dancer, Bailamos, Cuando Me Enamoro, Stand By Me, No Me Digas Que No, Hero, I Like It, Tonight

All in all it was such an amazing concert. My ears are still ringing, lol. Every time I looked up at the stage/screens I was like, omg this is actually here with me, not on my computer, lol. I can' t wait until I have a chance to see him again!

I will upload pictures in a minute. It's not letting me do it here :(

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That`s good!! I hope he feels better now after 2 months :)

I loved your story! It sounds like you had an amazing time! 


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