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And France when? We miss Enrique so much... 

So true ! When Enrique ? when do you come to PARIS !!!!! We''re desperate !

Can't wait!! Another show!! Thank You
Can't wait!!

Can you please add some more countries and cities too...............Asia is waiting already been 5 years now.

You have to come to SWITZERLAND

You weren't here for 10 years now.. :(

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waiting for Kansas City day

Did anyone else have trouble using the first code provided? I hit the jack pot hitting two shows this year. 

This is great! Is there Atlantico Rum for sale for the non vip people/ those that might or might not -might win some tickets (fingers crossed to somehow win a lucky ticket) ?! I prefer tequila tbh though. Will there be a pat down to get in or should I stuff a mini bottle in each possible place? I brought my friends as many big bottles as I could carry for my video as a bribe to help me even though I thought I could kind of figure it out. ..?! I really do seriously have a secret drink recipe for el jefe but, when is the proper time and place to relinquish this top secret info :-| Finally a concert of Enrique that is only 4.5 hours away and on my summer vacation thanks :-D

Zach, please make sure Enrique and Pitbull see this............I have nothing against all the songs they are performing, in fact I love them lots, but.......I think it would be totally 'refreshing', not to mention AWESOME for both the fans AND Pitbull/Enrique if they closed their shows with the song "Messin' Around".... especially in AUSTIN my hometown and where I will be seeing them.....please???....pretty please bring this to their attention! I thank you very very much if you could relay this message to them.

That would be awesome!!!!!


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