Julio Iglesias with family from a danish magazine....








Here are more pictures, but some older pictures. I think they are 2 years old.

Enjoy them!





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cute kids
GOD bless Them!
You're welcome!
Of course I'll share with you. We are here to share everything about Enrique and his family.
And yes they are beautiful people....

The youngest son Guillermo looks like ENRIQUE, when he was a little boy!

What do you think?
Thank you Henriette, I bought the magazine today!!!

When I red it I was really curious to know what is written about Enrique. The only thing about Enrique is this part:

From his first marriage with Isabel Preysler he have daughter Chabeli, 39 and his sons Julio, 37, and Enrique, who turns 35 next week.

.....nothing more about Enrique!!!! Where is written that Enrique is the BEST SINGER? I was disappointed.....Henriette, we should talk with the ppl from this magazine!!!.....lol
You right...And we need Enrique in our magazines too.....
Nicee Family:)
Nice pics.
so cute pics!

OMG guillermo looks soooo like enriqueeee
and also he is the little one ^_^
Gosh, they all look awesome ! How do they do that ? They all are so beautiful. But then again ... the parents are beautiful so maybe it's normal then that the kids are beautiful too ? Dunno ! But if you see Chabeli, Julio Jr. and Enrique ... they are pretty too. Just like their parents !

The twins so look adorable too ! And that little Guillermo is just way to cute ! Auw !

Hildeke !
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! the little one look like enrique when he was little...ohhhh!!...sooo cute kids!...thanks for sharing
Thank you! I adore these nice kids. I would like to have that magazine but at least I can see the pics here :) I always have a big smile on my face when I look at them. They are all so adorables!


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