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I wish him & Charisse all the best 

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Hvala na informaciji! ;)
Slatki su zajedno...stvarno mi je drago sto ce se vencati!
Znas ti cijem se ja vencanju nebih radovala...hehe (salim se)!

Jel ti uvek trazis po intenetu novosti ili imate u Makedoniji novine gde sve to procitas?
Kao i to u kojim novinama nadjes slike od Enrikea....?
También en las páginas de nuestra revista le mostramos en exclusiva el anillo de compromiso de Charisse, la novia de Julio Iglesias, JR., junto a un romántico reportaje de la pareja en el que ambos afirman: “Nos casaremos en una lugar mágico y especial para los dos”. know Hola! always has had great ties with the family..congrats for the both of them..

Now Enrique, when will you make the big will soon be the only un-married one of the three..and be the little one again..just like you used to be :)
I would love to Enrique be the little one as he used to be only few more years! :) hehe! Than he have my permission to marry! ;D just joking!
Cool..)) Best wishes to them..:)
Congrats & All the best!

great !
This is very great! I wish them happiness !!! They are amazing couple !!!

By the way the date of the wedding is already scheduled?
Nice.. Congratulations to julio jr!
I'm sooooooooooo happy for the both of them. She's such a nice girl. But then again ... Belgian girls are always nice. Hehehe !

Congratulations to the happy couple !

Hildeke !
Hehehheh yeah yeah yeah! we know about the belgium girls;) lol!
Just ssssssssstttt about A. i know what you're thinking whahahhah:P


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