There are internet rumors and I need some official confirmation one way or the other please.  I'm flying to California from Chicago and that extra night at the hotel, not to mention taking a day off from work, is quite significant.  Enrique, please don't cancel!   If you don't have anything better to do that night, feel free to drop by my hotel and sing something there.  (:  Ay me.  At least, I'll have Saturday.

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 It is listed as being canceled on the official tour site on twitter :(


Enrique JLo Tour@EnriqueJLoTour

Sunday’s Anaheim show has been cancelled. Sat 8/11 show + both LA shows will go on as scheduled.

If I wasn't a nice girl, I'd probably say something impolite right now.  Siiiiigh

So sorry for you.  That would be very frustrating making all those plans for that only to have it canceled :(  Wonder what happened.  

Oh no!!!...that really sucks!!! just goes to show that just because you have a ticket in your hand doesnt guarrantee anything! So sorry, Lynn, for your disappointment and the frustation that follows for cancellations of flights, hotel, etc....well I know this is no consolation, but at least you have the Saturday show to attend.

wow that sucks :(. Luckily you'll have the saturday show, but I can imagine you've been looking forward to this for a long time..

It is about time the made the announcement or a least remeoved the concert from events. Is today not a working day?

Yes it is :(


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