Everywhere says he is APART FROM ON HERE!?

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let's try again!

come on EI team - have i wasted money on this or is enrique actually performing!!

Sorry but I don't think I see anything anywhere.

Is it a private show??

Might it be a radio show?  Enrique said in Elvis show that he has only two concerts (both in Las Vegas), but he is lined up for some radio events such as KTUphoria.

Yes, he is definitely performing at the KTU concert in New York. I think his website just failed to update with it on their calendar. The radio station has posted about it a few times and hes still on the poster. 

In the recent interview with Elvis Duran he talked about the Vegas shows but also said he will be performing at radio shows and mentioned KTU and talked about it with Elvis. 

Thanks, yes its the KTU concert he should be performing at. Just dont understand why this website wont confirm it!

He is performing but nothing is mentioned on the Calendar here. Hope it is updated soon.


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