Is Enrique gay or bisexual?

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As Jennifer said there is young fans on this forum so please watch your language.

Please please show respect in all your answers, with my friends here... we really have something special here and we respect all ages, countries, faiths and all respectul and silly discussions...but we just don't swear much or use profanity any more graphically than E occasionally does in music and speech and certanly not in a violent and ugly way...unfortunately this world is too loose on swearing..but we all have something so rare and special here...please respect it and in that way join the fun...thank you for your consideration Rushil Rocks  Just think how E handles situations.well that is why we have this wonderful place to make fan friends and enjoy the music and our guy..Sarah

Sorry Megi but why Diane talked rude? I can`t see anything wrong in her answer :/

But I have to agree with Sarah, this is the place for fans worldwide where we can talk non stop for our Enrique and ask whatever we feel like to know about him :)

i didnt reply in diane's comment...i replied to one guy who was talking very rude for miley...but he has deleted the comments now

I think NOT
But, i don't understand what makes you think so?
but for me no matter their sexual orientation, I do not care ...;)
I love it, let him be anything.......................... :)))

Amen Memo...Sarah

<3 Sarah ;))

Moderator gave a very great answer..and other than that really loved what folks said about his being comfortable with the topic and safe and private in a longterm relationship with Anna.  He is so sweet and appropriate to others wherever they are in the is a big topic..romance and love!! It's joys and sorrows.


His songs are romantic and kind of heal and support love in that respect..he supports all couples and is just kind to all of his fans.,.he is sweet and kind and repectful and happy and cute and teasing and caring and sane and the best looking talented universal world star singer male in the world at the most grown up and still most young...and still not stuck we all adore him and he does not take that for granted...he would be happy rich or not because he loves his fellow man and we just can't get enough of him...Sarah

The answer in my opinion should be WHO CARES!!  It doesn't matter if he is gay, straight, bisexual, trisexual, into SM, or any other sexual lifestyle, because it doesn't affect his music or who he is with his fans.   Plus its really none of our business, do you walk around in your daily life asking people if they are gay or bisexual? my 20' s we all went to same gay hairdresser who helped us figure out our dates when we could not tell and maybe they were not sure..LOL,,had to say it..liked the Mod's answer alot..of course one is intersted so they can dream about that Hero dance with the mini fantasy and good omen to finding their real thing rekindled or courage to go get him...LOL..Sarah

He isn't but would it really matter if he was, it wouldn't change the fact that he's a great singer/songwriter. i would still think he's amazing.

Are you crazy?  or   are you kidding? Enrique is not gay or bisexual... he loves women....So stupid question...


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