Interview of Julio Iglesias. He wants to collaborate with Enrique!!!!!

You’ve done collaborations with so many people but is there someone you haven’t worked with yet that you’d like to?
I’ve played with all the greats, not only on record, but on television, on shows, many people. Is there anyone else I’d like to sing with? I think I would like to sing with my son, Enrique. My son is an incredible artiste, and he’s such a great guy. But I want to give him his independence. I think that Enrique needs his independence. He’s young and doing great, and I don’t think I ought to interfere in his life.

I don’t know – fans would probably love a Julio & Enrique Together album.
It would probably sound too commercial, though! And then maybe one day, my kid will say to me, ‘Why did you do this?’ Oh no. No thank you! Haha!

What about your younger kids – do you want them to do music?
In a way, they are doing it already. Yesterday, for example, they had their first concert, two of them. They are 13 and 14, and they play guitar and sing like crazy! it’s amazing to see two young kids being such great musicians. I couldn’t believe it. It was so amazing.

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thanks :) 

Mind to share the link?

thank you for sharing Alexandra,I think I might like that idea myself :))

You can share it!!

thanks for share...

Good idea :) 

Thanks for sharing Alexandra-Anna

thanx for sharing...i would love to see enrique and julio in a concert together...but and a collaboration is ok ..even though...i believe that enrique doesnt want to have a song with his father...because  some rude people will say that enrique wants his fame...or something like that

Yes some people..but I think it would be a very special moment Father - Son..No?

I leave all those decisions to Enrique really.  This interview is coming from a father who has never actually seen his son in concert, right?

My sentiments exactly...I see Enrique refusing to speak negatively about his dad..saying he undersatnds him...but still taking clear steps to define the boundaries..doesn't seem like an act of clear contrition on his dad's part after tons of comments that admittedly are only avbx through press etc. and posted here with translation issues.... but most things have seemed pretty condescending to me and actions that back up the what was said when both at an award show,,...this seems a bit nasty..stirring up the pot to is true hell...loving a parent who simply has neglected so much..and what to do to honor them but let go and create a is a life of emotional work..and a gift Enrique gives to stay on the love and undarstanding side of things yet very privately and in a song and a spade a spade..forgiving a soul that one would like to love and have in your back pocket..but can't due to "the game" is very tough..forgiving the soul and deciding how much they can be in your life and not forgiving the actions..and moving further and futher into love and trust youself is all you can do.  To the extent this has been shared and personal acions reported..I have mountains of respct and love for Enrique...mistakes of this sort will not be made with his own children should he choose to have any..and what i personally gleen from things helps me with those like his dad in my of biggest reasons why I love him...feels like a brother giving good examples..leading the way through this kind of crap...sarah


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