Hi Fans,I got some confirmed info about Heart Attack:
1.the song without featuring
2.it's not fully dance or ballad song,it's between this genres!

and it played once at y100 miami.

I hope EI Team Info us about Heart Attack

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Super, I prefer when he sings lonely

I hope too that Enrique will give us more info on his site

Me 2

Really disappointed in EI managing team and his record album 

I mean seriously who waste a whole three years' effort like that . Why don't they promote it? ugh


"Heart Attack" debuted on radio today and no official news on his official website. If not before, at least now after we are all talking about it, enrique or someone from his team could show up and give us some official news.

I believe that he puts a lof of hard work and time into this new album, but why somehow it seems he has been left alone. He is the musician, writer, composer, performer and singer and then there should be guys, who take care that he is on radio, in magazines and on tv to promote the new songs. Who and where are these guys and what is there crazy strategy. If it would work out fine, "turn the night up" would do better in the mainstream billboard charts, instead of being no 78 at the moment.

It seems only enrique, froggy and the hardcore / long time fans promote his music at least as good as we can via social media (facebook, twitter and co). I don't understand, why we get no info about "Heart Attack" and why there is almost no promo for the first two singles. Only the hardcore- and long time fans seem to know at all, that there new songs by enrique. When "I like it" was released everything exploded, new photos, magazines articles, 2 music vids, promo via the tv show jersey shore and now with the new songs... almost no promo so far.

He just gave his fans a Heart Attack .. to me that counts as very good promo ! LOL

yes I agree he just gave his fans a SERIOUS HEART ATTACK ...THE SONG IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

some of lyric ''NOW I'M
Enrique Iglesias confirmed new single "Heart Attack" http://www.josepvinaixa.com/blog/enrique-iglesias-confirmed-new-sin...

Thanks for the link!

"Heart Attack” is a song recorded by Spanish artist Enrique Iglesias. The track is confirmed as the second single for the American market and third overall taken from his upcoming second bilingual album and tenth of his career, still untitled, that’s scheduled for release in November via Republic Records. This new single comes after the low success achieved with his first single “Turn the Night Up“, released in late July."

No matter how good the song "Heart Attack" is, if they treat it the same way they did with "turn the night up", it won't be a hit. "Low success" is a result of doing almost no promo for the song. He did not even play it live or on TV in fron of an audience. Can't understand the reason why! What is the reason for doing almost no promo to support new music?

''I don't
wanna live in a world without
you''' #lyric
fans said it's better than t t n u

Wen will it release??


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