Are you going? You can watch the show live here:


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Tried to win.  Lost the contest in every way possible.  Lol.  It will have to go on without me, I guess :(  Though my bet is best chair is from home.  Would have been fun though.

Have a great time those attending.  

Planing to watch from the best seat in the house,'MY house" wishing evryone attending the best of times!  Good luck enrique! we love you!

LOL Tracey and all..would be a blast..but this will be a fun thing to watch...Sarah

Great line up this year.  And you know Pitbull will be there too and Enrique and him are bound to show up on a song together during one of their sets.  So much fun. A lot of talent in that two days.

My very best to you for your performance, Enrique, you are the best of the best.

Butterd popcorn Iced tea and enrique on a sixty inch screen!!! WOW  maybe its not as good as actually being there but its a very close second! Im already counting the minutes :))

It should be really great.  Like your menu kimberly, popcorn no good without the butter.  Yum.  You have the best seat in house.  Enjoy!

thanks tracy I plan on it and hope you do also!!

amen to that one Ricardo !! but Im sure enrique would much prefer our attendance,and I for one would love to be there but atm its not possible so im settling for (so called second best) lol shoot I know when im well off :))

Until ... the link doesn't work for you and you miss the whole performance :-(

Thanks Katie for the link! :))

how great

thanks !!!!


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