I was one of the first guy to join this website back in 2009, anyone that old here?


I joined this website in 2009 where there was a chat room here as well and at that time, 

sometime Enrique himself came and replied to us. 

Life has changed yeah 

anyone that old in here ??? really missing those amazing days, 

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I joined here in 2009 too..

Was fun here before..

I was on this site from the beginning and the old one from about 2005.  There was also the "paid" fan club website that only lasted about 1 or 2 years.

I do believe he reads the forum still.  He is interested in what his fans think of his shows and songs.

Hey theree ! Yeh, me. I just came here to see if there was some news .. and saw your post. Im here even from before in the old old old forum ! Dont know you but hellooo :) Im from argentina, Florencia :)

:D :*  Hola, amiga!!!

Welcome back Miss Churches

I was follow up website daily since 2007 but joined since 2010 April! And yeah this website was launched with a chat room, l remember We Really had some good times here thought... I really miss enrique he's not around here even enrique app freakout

Yeah im one of the very oldest true fan !! 

I'm getting old as a fan of Enrique


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