I was one of the first guy to join this website back in 2009, anyone that old here?


I joined this website in 2009 where there was a chat room here as well and at that time, 

sometime Enrique himself came and replied to us. 

Life has changed yeah 

anyone that old in here ??? really missing those amazing days, 

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I also joined this website in 2009 :) I remember those old days :)

great days yeah <3

I just come here once in a while, but yeah .. I was even on the previous site. We had some good times here though :-)

yeah that old website. then this website was launched with a chat room, u remember ?

yes I do remember .. seems like ages ago though ;-)

Why doesn't Enrique interact anymore on the Forum?

he did when he launched this website back in 2007

Probably because there is always too much drama on here! :-(

No idea, he doesn't interact on other social media either. Maybe because he's working so much ? When I have a lot of work and feel tired, I don't always feel like interacting on social media either.

I was 2007 March!

wow great, do you remember we had chat room here


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