How did Enrique change from an average looking guy to AMAZING looking?

Seriously i don't want to offend any fans out there but at a younger age Enrique looked kinda average looking to me, possibly on the unattractive side (sorry fans). BUT how did Enrique morph in a Stunning looking man? From 30+ onwards he seems to mature into a better looking person. Look at the first 2 pics, then compare with the 3rd pic & u will see there is a significant difference between em. His face shape and features look different somehow....

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To be honest when I look at guys I went to school with who are now in their 30's they have changed quite abit. When I was at school I wouldn't have looked at them twice but now they would catch your eye.
This day and age with the strong focus on beauty and fashion people have a tendancy to try and keep up, to some extent. Salons, Spa's, Stores are widely available to everyone. Where 25 years back things were alot more carefree and if you suggested to a guy about going for a treatment he would have laughed in your face.

Well, I can see the difference but to me he as always been amazing looking. Yes, he may look rougher now but  his sweetness is still there. He has gottten more hot as the years pass. The only thing I can say is there now,that wasn't there before is that his face seems fuller, his eyes more deep. His face can now fit perfectly in loving hands. He is aging beautifully.

I can't wait to see him pass on his genes to his children.

Really can't see what you're saying. To me he's always been good looking and he's just aging very well. Those eyes, lips and smile have always been the same. oh! and that nose, just love it......

He's like a fine wine, he just gets better with age. 

I think he had some kind of dental surgery jaw relined, adjustment, his jaw was a bit on square side, now narrow. 

the first pis is disgusting pic to use to prove  anything about his face, its even wrong color  *orange* for god sake!

As I've always said, the older @enriqueiglesias is getting, the hotter he is becoming. Weird right!! <3 

Enrique is looking so tired these days. I think he needs to take a break and get some much needed rest. I know some of his other fans are saying similar things and I have to agree. Enrique looks completely worn out. Please take a break! A person can't continue to give of themselves when they have nothing left to give. Please take a break for yourself,Enrique. Thank you!

@enriqueiglesias still has so much more to give. But I agree with you, he needs to take a break. I don't think any of his fans are going to be upset if he takes a breath. Rather, I think they should be happy cause we want him healthy after all.


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