How did Enrique change from an average looking guy to AMAZING looking?

Seriously i don't want to offend any fans out there but at a younger age Enrique looked kinda average looking to me, possibly on the unattractive side (sorry fans). BUT how did Enrique morph in a Stunning looking man? From 30+ onwards he seems to mature into a better looking person. Look at the first 2 pics, then compare with the 3rd pic & u will see there is a significant difference between em. His face shape and features look different somehow....

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He has just grown up into a fully grown man - He comes from good family genes also and has simply just become more handsome as the years goes by - It's partly about looking after yourself as well, good eating, the kind of social life u lead ( Your intake of alchohol) ect,  and how active you are - For instance, Enrique loves the water and going out on his boat, he would need to take care of his skin for this reason - (me) Sunscreen or not, My skin simply burns so I need lot's of moisturiser, I'm sure E looks after his skin too -  Iv'e seen pics of his mom and she is very beautiful and of course his dad is down right handsome too so where could he go wrong? : ) 


Jennifer xo


i also think his jawline and cheeks have slimmed down during the years, which i think gives him more of a sharper look as he matures. But its his latest hairstyles which amaze me cos 10 years ago, his hairstyle was awful in my opinion, but now he styles it soo well. The perfect example of this is in "Dirty Dancer" & 7. Compare these with his look from "Bailamos" & you'd agree with me.
I believe Enrique always looked attractive to be honest because back in the day he was tan and he was more muscular. And now his tan lightened a little and his hair is sexier
Enrique has always been handsome.  You just picked some pretty awful photos to illustrate your point.  I think his hair has a lot to do with his sexyness but he's always been hot.  Time is his friend to be sure :)

point exactly

but still he is always sexy

Great pics - He has always been handsome & sexy - He has just gone from a handsome young man to a mature handsome grown man-


Jennifer xo

I agree and Lilli your right too. I don't really like his hair when it was long (that's just a personal preferance) and I really love how he styles it now so it definately factors into how handsome he least in my opinion

Amen to that Lilli!! she picked the wrong pictures to compare with his looks now and i have to say....Enrique was already a cute handsome baby and kid! he is looking great during all the years! sure, there are some pic where you can't see the beauty a lot but come on we all have pic that dont shows our beauty;-) thats normal

Don't forget Enrique is a normal down to earth guy..he is not a guy who has to make a pointment with a hairdresser everyweek etc...and look even without paying a lot of attention to his looks he is still the best looking guy on earth!


Here a other pic of young Enrique


now is this super sexy or super sexy? hehehe;-) damn!!! i like it!!!! oooow that body, face and ohlalalaaaa the hair!!!
he is super sexy here!!!

we think when he was younger he looked wonderful ...........doesnt he?

Nasi y Nafi

yes but I do agree that he looks better and better with age

Enrique is like wine ;) he is getting better and better with the age! ;)


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