Hi there Enrique - I have a few ??s you may possibly answer for us in your news section!!

Hi Enrique, myself just like many other fans are curious about when your new Cd & the Euphoria DVD may be released - Can you or someone from the EI team give us an Idea of what's happening with that???


Also can you clarify if your going back on the road is limited to the U.S or is it other country 'Cities'  as well??? as you state 'just the word 'Cities" and not countries !!


Can someone please give us fans an Idea of the answers to these ??s many of us are wondering /  very curious  about  these ??s I have asked!! Would be most grateful If they could be answered...


Hope all is well with you

Jennifer  <3


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Yep yep yep ! Indeed indeed indeed ! True true true :o) !

Hildeke !

We want to know too,soooooooooooo BUMP TO TOP


Bumpo !! : D

bump bump and more bump!

plz plz plz enrique let us know !

Please - Pretty please, with sugar on top : ) (That's an Ozzie saying, maybe a World saying also !! lol

 we say it here in America jenn its a well known saying :) anyway its the waiting for answears to the questions you ask that  would be nice to know,the waiting can be nerve wrecking .i hate waiting for something good :) sooooo plz plz plz enrique with sugar on top let us know Now!

I swear I will go really mad if he won't release the DVD because it's been more than 8 months that the trailer with "coming soon" was shown at Enrique's concerts!!! I really wanna know what's going on with it! 

Thanks Jennifer for starting this discussion!

I was wondering this too - hope Enrique can give us a wee bit more info on the CD and tour - it's TORTURE not knowing! ;0)

good things come to those who wait.....good things come to those who wait..good things come to those who wait... hey guys its not you im trying to convince its myself ..Im waiting ! bummer huh ?

Thanks for starting this topic, Jen.

WE REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWERS, ENRIQUE!   Please please let us know???????

dont forget the sugar on top Trudie :)


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