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I think he took some time off after Helsinki concert (he didn't seem so well), but today he should already be in Expo Fiesta.

Thanks, where's Enrique in the page?

Maybe he's at "home"

His old house - Villa Jasmin - was a wonderful warm home!! 

The new house is just a house. Very-very big and lifeless. I think he's proud of it... it's very expensive...but really feels like a home?? Not his style.



On his way to poland if he isn't already there.


Hey Beata:  I agree w/ you.  It is not at all like a HOME as it's more like a museum.  That's a big house for just 2 people and 2 dogs.  Whose choice was it to build such lavish digs as Enrique is more low key??  I actually like Villa Jasmin better, but if that's what he wanted to spend HIS money on, that's his choice. 

Wi SsEm:  I think he did take some MUCH NEEDED time off as this guy does overkill with touring.  He needs to rest so he can continue to create songs, record, and perform.  We love seeing him on stage LIVE, but we would not mind if he's chilling a bit.  Thanks for posting!  Besos :)



Maybe, he is busy.



As you see, he's on the road again! Yesterday in Poland, tomorrow Italy.... I think he works too much...


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