Ahhhhh!!! Kevin!!! From enrique's band!! And then she is calling me cheater.. bad girl iona!! She is so jealous all the girls are following Kevin... First was enrique, then fernando, then some gut from bollywood.. Haaa! And know kevin... Hahaaa!! Enrique and fernando are crying over my shoulder.. Haaaa!!

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hahaha what are u talking about??! haaaaa! YOU like Kevin sooo bad!!! jajajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa You told me......! haha luis fonsi, chayanne, david bisbal, gianmarco, and kevin heheheh what a cheater!!!
Wow you are a BIG cheater! Are there more? :P Tell us!
I don't think Iona is that bad when I read you list...

xx Irene
Haaa!! Oh my god flor!! Anybody else?? U forgot julio iglesias father, ricky martin, el gordo d molina, coti, hombres g... Anybody else in my ipod? Let me think.. Haa!
Irene! U can call flor...zorra... Haa! Her nick.. She love it!!
jajajajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa loca!!
quien es el gordo molina?? jajaaaaaaaaaaa
Raul d molina...jajajaa el gordo y la flaca
Aaaah no I won't call you like that Flor! :P You don't cheat right? ;)
hahahahah!! shut up girl!
Enrique knows me...he knows I am a loyal fan....U being a bad girl! gossip!
u forgot Gianmarco too....wait ...let me type all the guys from my ipod, there u go:

Akon, alejandro sanz, alex bueno, alexis y fido, arcangel, chino y nacho, christian meier, daddy yankee, elton john...gosh!...there are too many....
shut up! u stay with kevin, fernando and your guys from bollywood...hahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!...and leave us alone! me and enrique deserve some privacy....hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ok ok... U stay woth your boy mario dumb..haaa!!!
hahahaha!! your baby! mr. dumb!...hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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