Well what more can I say hu ? You made it as Herogirl, got a sweet kiss, have many cute pictures with Enrique ... the perfect birthday ! I'm soooooooooooooo happy for you that you could experience this on your special day.

Just stay on that cloud number nine cause you deserve it. You were such a sweet Herogirl. Your smile said it all :o) !

Have an amazing day. Enjoy it for the fullest and have lots of fun. But somehow I just know you will ! Mwuah !

Hildeke !

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happy birthday debbie....i saw the video from las night and you were awesome...enrique gave u the best present ;))!!

Cloud None honey, stay there.  Happy Birthday, not that it could be happier than it already was.  Loved the video.  You were awesome.

happy birth day

As our Madre said you got the best of the best for your birthday sweetie and I'm very happy for you :) I HAVE TO SAY, THANK YOU ENRIQUE FOR PICKING HER! I only wish you all the best girl, keep celebrating your special day!! 

Besos xoxo

Happy Birthday, wow Heorgirl! You are special to have that happen to you, especially on your B-day. Congrats!!!!

I was just thinking the same madre .....wow what a birthday for you Debbie!!! ayayayaaayyyyy i still can't believe it hahahaha soooooo amazing!!! i am really happy for you to be the hero girl or Toronto (second show) ayyayyyyyyyy i have to watch the video later...cause i dont have much time hahah gotta enjoy Marbella and Malaga haaaaa!! but i will watch it for sure on my way back:) the pic that i saw are just unbelieveble sooooooo cute and soooooo nice!!! like we said.....just believe in your dreams and it will happen....look at you! whauuuww enjoy your happy feelings Dee! and please don't come down from that high cloud hahaaaaa!! can't wait to hear everything....


Ooow before i forget ahahhah i wanna wish you a happy happy birthday!!! i dont have to tell...may all your dream come true cause your biggest dream came already true last night in Enrique arms aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! i got goosebumps over here:P

Well Happy birthday hermana!!! and enjoy the rest of you day!!!!


Beso all the way from Andalucia!!!!



HAPPY B-DAY DEBBIE!!! ur soo lucky im really happy for u (i envy u)...he is really sweet he made ur birthday a very beautiful day 4 u...saw the vid u were so nice and so was he u must be really really happy!!

Happy birthday Debbie!!! :)):*

New Sensations Flowers

OMG Dee Dee..The name of this birthday bouquet is New Sensations..You started out a fabulous decade with some fabulous times...

God bless and Happy Birthday to a beautiful woman..Sarah...

Happy Birthday Dee Dee, hope you`ll have a wonderful day and I`m so glad that you got to be the Hero-girl, wooow, what else a fan can ask? :D I envy you so much right now.... :(  My biggest dream is that pfffff :(

Whatever, have a great day, enjoy :)

Vivi` xxx


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