"Thanks to all the fans for the messages, cupcakes, etc... this past weekend!" - Fernando Giaccardi

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Auw, how sweet of Fernando for saying this to all of us. He's such a sweet charming man. Gosh, can you blame me for liking this man so much ? Thought so ! Hi hi hi :-) !

Hildeke !

Nope I don't blame you haha .., he's a sweetie indeed :-)

Hi hi hi, thanks sis ;-) !

Tu Hermanita !

))) How cool! happy belated birthday, Fernando)

Wow nice to see you around Ketty.

Awww wow how nice

Happy Belated Birthday Fernando hope you had a fab day



That was sweet....and and a thanks...amazing cupcakes...wow.

A Belated Very Happy Birthday to you Fernando I hope you had a lovely day and have a wonderful year ahead :) :)xx

Hope you had a lovely Birthday Fernando x

Wow that was nice to get a reply. Tell him to post on the forum like he did earlier..........

Hope he read the birthday topic I posted.............not many wishes but still fans didnt forget.



Que bonito!!!!!Felicidades Fernando!!!

Wishing you the best of everything in the year ahead -  health, love, peace, happiness & prosperity!  Hugs and love from Canada xo


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