Fotos de Enrique Iglesias Feat Dev en la Grabacion del video "Naked"

Enrique Iglesias Feat Dev en la Grabacion del video "Naked" en las Vegas.....!!!!!

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thank u!! enrique looks sooooooooooo tired in the last pic!...poor baby!! Cant wait for the new's gonna come out amazing!

ahhhh poor guy looks beat! i hope he gets more rest!

Agree with you Ines. Oh poor Enrique. :( Hope he gets rest.
Take care yourself Enrique.

When is the new video to premiere?

Thanx :)
he looks tired in last pic!! Hope he gets rest.!

Wow he does look tired :(

Clothes are on.... dammit, I was mislead from the song title:P

Speaking of clothes, what is his shirt design in the shape of and what does it mean?

He looks so tires get some rest..take care yourself Enrique....NAKED...nothing on, sleepless at night shirt a puzzle?...

I think map..I"m excited to watch that video

Thanks for sharing!!!! Aaaahhhh I can't wait for the new video!!!!

Gracias por poner las fotos



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