Are you addicted to the forum and spend hours here? Lol, I think it´s time to spend some time on your body!! Your neck and shoulders must be tensed after sitting infront of the screen.

Here are the right exercises for your neck!!


Start slowly and repeat as often as you want.






Here we go:





















































































































Well done!! Now go on and enjoy the forum!!


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Best neck exercises ive done:))

So wat would you name this workouts..??? must be something enriqotherapy :)


that was great.....i never liked tp exerice before.....thanks sooooo much..  you are so clever.... now i need to do a cool down my heart is working way to fast....yes this will be my new morning routine  

We are stating to do exercise...haha


Nasi y Nafi

Tack Carola, bra träning :-)

I love this form of exercise! Great idea! (Only better way of exercise would be jumping up and down at a concert for 2 hours!) :) <3 <3 

I think the muscles of my eyes & brain  are now tight - Got anything to cure that - lmao


Jennifer xo

HAHAHA THIS I AWESOME.  At first I thought it was a spam message.  VERY VERY CLEVER.


hahahahahahaha you are soooo funny! And what a great idea! I have to say that it relaxed all my muscles haaaaa! I'll reapet it 5 times or more a day! Oh My! I'm laughing so hard!! Oleeee now we have an Enrique Iglesias gym too! ;)

Hours ? You mean years yeah ? LOL ! I'm on the forum since 2000 so I don't even wanna know how many hours I spend in here ! I think I will go nuts then ! Hehehe !

Hildeke !

hahahaha loved it!

my shoulders and neck feel so goood :)


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