OMG!! just checked out this video on youtube and it gave me from my head to my toes, goosebumps!!
Dahm.... just soo sweet and so emotional!! Only Enrique, can do that do me!!!

And dont you adore that smile at the end??

Wanted to share this with you guys... and there isn't a better way to start 2010 with the gorgeous man himself!

Kiss Roos

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Ooooooooooh gosh what a voice dahmmm he sang so concentrated and soooooooo good! this brings me tears in my's just so beautiful! '' you will always be in my life, even if i'm not in your life....cause you're in my memory'' sigh!
Thank you Roos for sharing this amazing video!! and that cute picture aaaaaw so lovely!

wooow, beautiful
i loveit
the voice, the man everything !!
thanks !! And the pic is adorable!

and atm that adorabe man needs your votes! comeon vote for enrique most handsome man 2009 plzzzz and thank you ! :)))
Thanks Roos! Great video.
Enrique is the only singer that gives me goosebumps from top to toe! Sometimes I get goosebumps just before he starts singing - that´s crazy!
That smile is cute and I love to see him sing with his eyes closed!
Yeah his eyelashes aaaaaaaaaaaaawww......sigh!
Your welcome!! yeahh this song is very nice and he sang sooooo good!!!, yayyayayay i'm watching it again, aaaaaaaaaaaah sigh! he is just perfect!!

THANK YOU!!! I love it! He gives so much emotions to his singing...for me it's always like the first time I hear the song though I've heard it million times...
Yeahhh.... he is so into his songs, those emotions makes it more beautiful and powerful!!
yeah! flor showed it to me when it was live on Argentina...he looks adorablee, cute, sexy...ahh!!...tan bello!!!...His hat!...gosh! too much!...hehehe...

I love his face when sings with so much passion!! Somebody dreams about u every single night...........!
baby preciosooo..................
q enfermaaa...jajajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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