Find The Event Game (( Find the picture game but reversed :D:D ))

hey i know alot of people posted about those picture games before specially Ines who started it all over again :)
I have this idea of playing the same game but in reversed way where someone post the picture and others guess from which event , concert, show that photo was taken 

For Example

This was from video shooting of " we are the world " :D:D

So .......what do you think ?????????? 

Let's see who knows Enrique the best :D

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??? Who knows?? :))

 Billboard Latin Music Awards 2011!

Euphoria Tour, Windsor Ontario last March!

enrique is just crazy , but in good way  :D 

Hehehe, that's the tong of mi hija Toni. She had thrown it on stage and Enrique picked it up and put it on Gilmar's head ! Way to funny ! LOL !

Hildeke !

yup i do remember that you talked about it before dear Madre, i remember that this photo went viral all over the website :D:D  i just love when he do such things :)

ok what about this one 

It was sound check for American Music Awards 2010... I'm not sure... :D

yup...correct this from the rehearsal of AMA 2010 

So I was right... thanks!! :))

yes :), now come on post a picture for us :D

if i'm not wrong, these photo was taken for him in front of his house when dutch fans attacked him :D:D 
just kidding, i know that Amany was there  and he was so nice to take photos with them :)


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