Here come the month of March and the time to celebrate birthday in EI Team.


Let us post pics of Enriqu's Manager - Fernando as a tribute for all the work he does


You can post his pictures and videos in this thread.


Here I go - some of my fav


P.S. - Those asking when is Fernando's birthday........its is on MARCH 14







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Thank you for all these pics, I found 2 with Enrique that I didn't have !

I put some more for to finish the month

Awww thanks everyone for sharing the pics................Some I have not seen and some already.

Finally the Fe Fe Fe month is over. Maybe next year we will do this over


For sure... I had to much fun doing this. I wonder why ? Hehehe !

Tu Madre !



It's almost that time of the year again... ! We always have so much fun then. Well I will post a picture as well. Hehehe !

Hildeke !

LOL the Madre is back.........Thanks for sharing I hope we can find some more new pics.

That guy with E and F I think I have seen him somewhere........familiar face.

BTW Andres is not in any of the pics.................waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tomorrow is the big day. And I think Fernando is a bit scared. Well you will agree when you see the picture ! Hehehe ! A drink and ... ! LOL !

Euh... sorry Fernando ! Hi hi hi !

Hildeke !

OMG.... L M A O this is too funny ! I just love their crazyness ! I had never seen this pic before... Que cabrones lol !

Hahahaha I just love the picture posted by Joe Bonilla........ROTFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLMAO

Fernando in his birthday suit........jajajajjajaja

Happy Birthday Fernando...........Let the party begin.

Here is a video and the card I made for Fernando.

Would love to make some more in the coming years

Happy Happy Birthday Fernando!! I hope you're having a fantastic time!


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