Here come the month of March and the time to celebrate birthday in EI Team.


Let us post pics of Enriqu's Manager - Fernando as a tribute for all the work he does


You can post his pictures and videos in this thread.


Here I go - some of my fav


P.S. - Those asking when is Fernando's birthday........its is on MARCH 14







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You have a beautiful collection of Fernando's pics

Auw, thanks dear. That's sweet of you for saying that. I still have so many more. LOL !

Hildeke !

Oh no, that's it. The last day of posting Fernando pictures. Well I hope you enjoyed it all very much. I know I did ! Hehehe ;-) ! So here we go for the last ones. Sigh ! Hi hi hi !

Hildeke !

Wow the last pic !!! You have kept the better for the end :)

Why you don't put tomorrow on march 31th ?

Madre is making us April fool in advance.........LOL

Oeps, forgot there is still a March 31th. LOL ! Thought we were the 1st of April tomorrow. LOL !

Hildeke !

ay mami  !!!! Very nice pic ! I love your mischievious look !!!

And Fernando's innocent look..............LMAO

Ay ay ay caramba, this is the very last day of posting Fernando pictures. What to do next ? Hi hi hi ! There will be an emptyness now in my life. Sigh ! Hehehe ;-). Well I enjoyed posting them and I hope you enjoyed watching them. So for the last time here we go... !

Hildeke !

Madre you are so gorgeous with Fernando ! I just love your pictures.

and the pic where you laugh together.... you just get along !

thanks for this Fernando month... we will miss it, what to do next huh ?

Thanks mi hija for your sweet words. You are always so nice to me. Auw. I will miss this too. It was so much fun posting these pictures each days. And to see other post pictures as well. But now the beautiful month is over. Sigh ! Hi hi hi !

Tu Madre !


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