Here come the month of March and the time to celebrate birthday in EI Team.


Let us post pics of Enriqu's Manager - Fernando as a tribute for all the work he does


You can post his pictures and videos in this thread.


Here I go - some of my fav


P.S. - Those asking when is Fernando's birthday........its is on MARCH 14







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Some more to add

Hmm the pic below reminds me of the topic - Chicken Legs and the Hen Legs...........LOL

Oh mi hija, what are you doing to me. All these pictures of Mi Amor Fernando ! I'm gonna faint ! Hehehe ! Will post some too then. From my private collection ! Not ! LOL ! Just kidding in here ! Hi hi hi !

Hildeke !

what day is Fernando's birthday?

Hahahaha I hope you haven't fainted we still have more and more pictures..

Please post your pictures too with Fernando.......I guess you have more pictures of you and Fernando than with Enrique, isn't it?

Last Picture - I love his SWS - Sexy White Shoes..............

Maybe I should begin a topic Fernando's SWS (Sexy White Shoes) and Enrique's SUBS (Stinking Ugly Brown Shoes)

Ok, you asked for it. Here are some of the pictures with me and Fernando on. Not all of them cause that would be to much to handle ! LOL !

I will post some funny ones too ! LOL !

Hildeke !

Hey Hildeke:  I love the pix of you and Fernando - you are so pretty with that hair cut! 

It's amazing how long he and Enrique have worked together.  They make a great business team - it shows.  Good to see working relationships that last this long in this fake business.

Besos sweetie!

Auw, thank you so much Kiki. You are so sweet my dear friend. And yeah, they work for so long together now. They are like an 'item' ! LOL ! When you see the one you see the other and vice versa. But it's great to know they get along so well and have beside business also fun with each other !

Hildeke !

Wow Hilde I have not seen the last pic. Is it from Belgium???

BTW I love the pic you took with your green outfit and FE wearing black.

Here some crazy things some of the other fans did for me ! LOL !

Still have others but don't wanna bore you all with it. LOL !

Hildeke !

A great Madre ! I love it !!! we know you are his wife loool !

Hahaha great photos:))


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