Been a member of this spot since 2001.I was 26 years old, now I’m 44....  35+different usernames. 10,000 arguments, a few friends. Banned too many times to count. Enrique & his craziness. Yes he played on here back in the day the mods will say otherwise but I know (Yeah I snitched u out LMMFAO).. I hate to see this place go.. I literally had some of the best times & topics of my life on this site. Never forget the virgins & flood control. So many fans tried to get rid of me... They’re gone & I’m still here....let me scream it one more time...... Hey Skinnyman! Lol... I’m out! (ps already had my first argument on the Facebook page in less than 24 hours of joining) LMAO Ban=ita forever! *deuces* 

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Farewell till we meet again in the new forum soon.

It's good to start something from zero.. :D 

Hope to see you all in the new forum :-)


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