Hi, I see Enrique has 3 European gigs planned in March 2018, what do you think is the chance on him planning more? It has been too long since he was in the UK last and as it is my 40th on 22nd March, I am keeping everything crossed he will add another gig somewhere closer the the U.S. 

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I can go to Oslo, but Copenhagen is closer. Pls Enrique try to find a date! Love! XXX

I know he has not toured UK since 2015 I suppose.

Am sure he is going to add some more dates.

He has not toured Asia for a long long time.......its been like 5 years already :-(

hope he comes to london for the 20th it will be my 51st birthday lol

I've already checked gaps at the o2 and looks like there is a gap 22nd-24th March or 13th-20th April (something like that anyway)! Fingers crossed, eh?!

According to a recent email I got about the European dates, he IS due to release more dates!! Just waiting to hear where and when!! I'm holding off planning my birthday trip with friends until I know. YAY

They told me that he`ll go to Albania on May 2018... Hope it`s true! 

Are you going to see him next year??

Aa. Ok. I just wait and see what then happend. I wait to for Estonia. You guys so lucky. Take care.


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