Euphoria Tour VIP Packages On Sale Now for Select Shows!

To celebrate his upcoming Euphoria Tour, Enrique Iglesias is giving fans the opportunity to experience the ultimate VIP treatment.   


Here is your chance to:


- Meet Enrique in person!

- Watch the show from the best seats in the house.

- Attend a private party at the concert.

- Get signed merchandise.


Details for each package are below.  Quantities are limited so be sure to get your VIP package right away at




January 29th, Coliseo de Puerto Rico, San Juan Puerto Rico

Feb 5th, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Feb 16th, The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor, Windsor, ON

Feb 17th, Bell Centre, Montreal, QC

Feb 19th, Gibson Amphitheater at Universal Citywalk, Los Angeles, CA





- Diamond Package:  $549.95 (US)*


1) Tickets to see Enrique Iglesias live in concert within the first 10 rows close to center stage

2) A group meet and greet with Enrique Iglesias before the show 

3) A commemorative picture with Enrique

4) A Euphoria CD signed by Enrique

5) VIP Parking**

6) VIP Entrance into the venue

7) VIP host 

8) Pre show party with appetizers

9) Pre-show cash bar

10) A Euphoria Tour T-shirt

11) Souvenir tour laminate


- Gold Package: $399.95 (US)*

Tickets NOT included in Gold Package


1) A group meet and greet with Enrique Iglesias before the show 

2) A commemorative picture with Enrique

3) A Euphoria CD signed by Enrique

4) VIP Parking**

5) VIP Entrance into the venue

6) VIP host 

7) Pre show party with appetizers

8) Pre-show cash bar

9) A Euphoria Tour T-shirt

10) Souvenir tour laminate


- Silver Package:  $149.95 (US)*

Tickets NOT Included Silver Package


1) A Euphoria CD signed by Enrique

2) VIP Parking**

3) VIP Entrance into the venue

4) VIP host 

5) Pre show party with appetizers

6) Pre-show cash bar

7) A Euphoria Tour T-shirt

8) Souvenir tour laminate


* All prices are in US dollars

* *VIP Parking subject to venue availability




Within 48-72 hours leading up to your show, you’ll be contacted via email with further instructions regarding your VIP Package from  All package elements will be fulfilled at the venue night of show.  Please note that all Enrique Iglesias VIP Package tickets are will-call only. Will-call tickets may only be picked up the evening of the event.  All packages are non-transferable; no-will call name changes will be permitted under any circumstances.  The person who purchases the ticket must be the same person who claims the ticket at will-call with a valid identification. The VIP laminate included in the package is for commemorative purposes only and does not gain access into the venue, VIP or any backstage areas.  VIP preferred parking, VIP priority check-in & separate VIP entrance may not be available in all markets due to restrictions.  Please note that you must be 21 & over to consume alcohol.  Valid identification is required for consumption of alcohol; non-alcoholic drink options available.  If you have specific questions surrounding your package elements, please email or call 1.877-GND-CTRL or 1(916) 443-9202 (International).

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Congrats to those who got the VIP how exciting is this !!! i cant wait for more tours to be announced!! i hope to get a vip too!! thanks soooo much management and zach
thanks sharon cant believe this and yes thanks zach this is amazing
thanks zach
aaaw...'re acting like Celin Dion ))) something similar in other countries.. It's so exiting...

Thank you , i will buy my VIP package, i am very exited

Aaaaaawww such a nice idea!!!! this is somthing new and amazing!!

Only one thing, i am happy for the fans in the US but why only US/porto rico?

We would love to have that in Europe too! aaaahhhhhh i would buy it for sure!!! oooooow yeahhhhh!!!!! how exciting!!!

ooeeeew a private party with Enrique ay aya aya aay




@ Ines Which Hotel are you talking about? :(
there's a contest for the miami concert....3 nights in a hotel, pre-VIP party, 2 tickets for the
ooh yay........
am in need of advice am registered disabled and can walk with crutches and am very scared of crowds so was lucky that Wembley arena took care of me have been to every one of enrique's tours except 02 and that was due to what i about to tell u i went to Wembley arena tour loved and to make my night even better he did his norm and jumped into crowd and to my luck he jumped into the disabled bit me and my friend could not believe it there was enrique right in front of us but before we could do a thing all the able bodied fans ran at him security protected him but i was knocked out of my chair and they ran over my back and stamped on my hand and legs my friends wheel chair was turned on its side then as soon as he left they all walk back and we were left on floor the door people said i suppose u want a hand up but my friend was lucky a guy stepped in and helped her get her wheel chair back right way then he looked at me i had blood on my face the staff there said if u want u can go to medical and then walked off so after concert i got home and went to local a&e i had 2 broken rib broken broken fingers and needed a gash on head glued so when his next tour came up was to frightened to go but am going to birmingham one alone and scared but my love of his music which has got me through lots of nasty operations and physio when the pain is too bad when they have to jab needles in i just turn on my ipod and his voice takes me far away from pain and nasty things they need to do regularly to keep me able to function as independently as i want they said be in wheel chair by 30 just turned 38 and am just able to walk but that night i just wish could of told his team what happened i know its a while ago but has taken alot of courage to book tickets and to write this as first time i have told anyone about that night that i got so close yet ended so badly i know i will never get that close again to but to his pr team if u ever read this dont forget he has disabled fans and unlike other fans we cant rush or jump but would love for him to say hi to us i know his team and enrique will never see this but at least now had courage to write it x

That is a horrific story! You must have been so scared when you were trampled by those fans... I can imagine that after such an experience you are scared to go again.... I think you are very brave and an amazing fan that you got tickets again! I hope management will read this and makes sure this wont happen again....


I wish you an amazing concert and who day you might meet him face to face!


Good luck girl! I hope you never have to go to that again....Maybe you should call the venue just beforehand to tell your story and make sure security will be on their toes and keep you save this time...



marie-clare joseph - I can't imagine what a horrible experince that was and how frightening it must have been for you.  I am so sorry what should have been such a wonderful experience and night for you turned so tragic.  I'm sure it has taken alot of courage to give it another try, as well as share your story here.  You are very brave to not let this experience stop you from trying again.  I hope that the Birmingham concert is a wonderful and magical experience for you and that it will be full of amazing memories as it should be.  I am shocked at the treatment from the staff, to the fans, to people in general who must have been close by and witnessed all of this?  So sorry that society has become this. :(   I truly hope for the best things for you, at this upcoming concert and in your life, you are clearly a very determined woman.  Hugs to you xo xo


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