Just a little discussion about which spanish songs of Enrique that you like the best:-


My particular favourites are:-


Para que la vida;


Si tu te vas;






and the one on Euphoria that I think means don't tell me no - damn I've forgotten what it's called and I let my son, Aaron borrow the cd lol..........

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Donde Estas Corazon, Lloro Por Ti, Dile Que, Ayer
My Favorite favorite....spanish song must be ''Nunca Te Olvidaré'' It goes straight to my heart.
Next it must be..... Cuando Me Enamoro, Dilé Que, No me digas que no, Mentiroso, Lloro por Tí.....

Maybe I just love them all....
OMG I had forgotten about Lloro por ti - I love that one, how could I have forgotten about that one?
Alguien soy yo, ayer, cuando me enamoro, dile que, si juras regresar...

all have something special and I love them all
I love all his Spanish songs but my favourite one in Spanish is Lloro por ti!!!:D I truely love this song, it`s one of my favourites!!! <3

About your favourite Euphoria song is called No Me Digas que no!!!!:)
oh, thankyou, yes now I remember. I can't stop singing this song when I hear it playing........it's addictive.......
I love it too!!:) You prefer more the solo version or the version with Wisin Y Yandel?
I prefer the solo version actually.
i love all his Spanish songs, all his Spanish songs are great
I only have quizas from his spanish cds, and gosh, it's hard to choose! I love pienso en ti, and para que la vida. Oh, gosh, this is too dang hard!
Donde Estas Corazon, Mentiroso, Mamacita, Sueltame las Riendas, Tres Palabras, Para que la Vida, Marta, Lloro por ti, Miente, Quizas, Alabao,
Im in love with all his spanish songs...they are just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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