Wow!!!! Enrique really knows about music... There are some songs that are new to me, but some of them i heard them before and i love them. My favorite is the one from oasis- wonderwall... Love it!!!!! Ohhhh!! I remember this guy from college sang that song to me... Hahaaa!!! I fell in love with that song.. Haaa!!! Which one is your favorite??

I like #3 for sure!!!!...OHH! and #2 is this love!! it!...DID HE got inspired with im on fire haaa!!!!

#7 #8 #10 a must to listen!! Love them!!
SEX ON FIRE? haaa!!! Wow!!! #12 #13 wow!! Great spanish songs!!

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No U2 girl... I love music from the 80's ...
pls ines complete the podcast or they re only 13 songs? pls reply
Yeah!! Only 13 songs :)
all these songs're so good but not my favorite :)

Thanx 4 posting
U dont like any of the songs?? Not even the billie jean!!??
I like Burbujas de Amor by JLG good song!
I know!! It's my favorite too...
Hm... Don´t know about Pink Moon.. Have to listen to it haha.. others are well-known.. He doesn't have a single strange.. Someone said he has some Sinead O'Connor..Is it true Ines.. What song?
Yes.."Nothing Compares To You" from Sinead O'Connor was added as a bonus song or so..not on the list..So there you have your ballad..It was written by Prince BTW and it has some similarities to "Para Que La Vida?" (lyrically I mean :))
Pink moon...never heard that song.. Im not into some of those songs.. Im not familiar with them just some... But i love the last 2 spanish songs..
I know everything about this song.. I adore it!
Yeah? Flor like it too... Trust me i was more into other music haaa!!


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