Thanks to Silentocean, who gave me the link;)

Julio and Miranda made a card with a pic of their kids, aaaaaawwww they are all so sweet and pretty! Julio has really cute/handsome kids he can be very proud;)
They said also in this article that Miguel (the oldest) is looking like his brother Enrique, what do you guy's think? i think...that the little cute boy Guillermo is looking more like Enrique, when Enrique was little. Aaah that little boy is sooo adorabe! all of them are so cute, the boys and girls! but Guillermo is just so little and sweet!


Here the link of the (spanish) article :


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Aww theyre all so cute,.Guillermo looks so much like enrique :)
Yeahh that little boy looks like our Enrique;) aaaaaaaww so sweet!!! i can't get enough of those adorable pictures of Enrique when he was little and his little brothers and sisters:) so lovely!!
awww so cute,
and i agree Guillermo looks the most like Enrique
gosh, he's adorable!
OMG, sooo cute!! God bless!! :)
Yeah.... that little sweet boy looks like his HOT brother Enrique;) so sweet!!

ohhhhhhhh!! soooo cute amanY!!...thank u!!!...they look sooooo!!!...Do u have the pic of Julio's wife?? I dont anything about julio's life...hahahaha!!...sorry dad....hahaha!!...but wow! those babies are gonna be so handsome like enrique...enrique is sooooo wow! perfect!!. and yes! guillermo looks like kike...cant wait for them to grow up...hehehe
Your welcome!! hahahha shame on don't now about "our" father in law? hehhehe
Yeahh maybe our kids will be a fan of Guillermo or the other iglesias boy's ayyaya wait up...i have something better, our kids will be a fan of Enrique's kids aaaaaaaaaaaaaawww padre Enrique aaah papi (chulo) lol!..i can't wait for that day yayayayayay!!!!

Here..a other picture of Julio and Miranda:

Ooh yeah for sure;) and i also want to take care of Grammy and Lucas, when Enrique is not at home, we will sit and wait unil Enrique comes back, heeheheh sounds great right? Iona you can wait also at the studio for somebody else with sexy white shoes whaaahaha!

Ines..she's right you have to do some homework about the history of the family generation Iglesias, lol!

haaaa! I dont care about julio.. Haaa!! I like isabel.. She is so niceeee!!! But not julio.. I dont wanna do any research on him.. He doesnt even care about his son.. Jum! Hahaa!! Me and enriqe are fine without him.. Hahaaa! Ups! I better shut my mouth!
He is looking Handsome and Cheerful
Hey! What a cute picture... Miranda is very beautiful and Julio too.. No wonder that his children are all so cute...:))) :D They all look like angels

Ines, Here are a few photos with Miranda

And another cool pics of their children

On the Iast pic the chico that most look like Enrique is Gaballero :D... lol
ohhh look what sweet little kids we have here.....

just adorable


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