Hey guys,

since the news is going around that Enrique is working on his new album which wil be a Spanish and English one. Now that the album is still in creating stage, and not finished, we as fans can give some of our 'hopes' for the new album, the sound/duets etc. Give your thoughts on how you think this album should be and what you like yourself. Not that Enrique has to listen to this. but a topic about the thoughts of the new album is cool.

My hope for the new album was 2 duets (one with Akon, guess I was lucky, I just love Akon) and one with Shakira, she is starting her kind of comeback since Oral Fictation P. 1 and 2. For her and Enrique interest a duet would do good, Enrique can reach a massive fan base in Europe and Asia. And Shakira can push Enrique's image in the US up.

My other hope for the album is that the sound would be like taking Back My Love (Red one en Mr. Morales) as producers. I like that style.

He also mentioned Lady GaGa in an interview, That is one of the artist he could work with on the writting site I just can't see a duet between them. It just doesn't work!

Share your thoughts~!

and don't use the quote bottun too much please, keeps the topic nice to read!


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si cantara con shakira seria fenomenal...
his latest single is 'thanks to you'.i read about it at his fansite.
i would like a duet with then....it would be interesting:)
i really can't wait for the new album coming out. yes, i heard about the Lady Gaga thing in that interview, it would be quite interesting actually (:
best of luck enrique, <3 xxx


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