Hi guys,recently Enrique did a short interview in vegas :

Let’s be shallow and intrusive today. I had
the chance to talk to Enrique Iglesias, so I
asked him if his girlfriend, tennis pro
Anna Kournikova, is improving his tennis
Enrique gave me a nice shallow answer.
“My tennis skills are OK,” he said. “I’m not
the greatest by any means. Let’s just say
I’m far too clumsy to be competing in
Wimbledon anytime soon.
“I am really passionate about sports in
general — especially water sports,” he
said. (Water sports?)
“I also love to fly, and enjoy the thrill of
flying my own plane. I just really enjoy the
adrenaline rush.”
What do you expect me to ask Enrique? A
question about the NSA?
Well, guess what. I did ask him, “What do
you think about the NSA spying on
everyone’s phone calls and emails and
video chats?”
But he is Enrique Iglesias. Enrique Iglesias
wants no part of this question about the
“How do I know they aren’t listening in on
this interview? Therefore, I think I would
rather not say.”
I don’t blame him for keeping quiet. The
NSA is the new “Blair Witch Project,”
spooky and startling with a side of egads.
Enrique performs Friday and Sunday at
The Cosmopolitan pool, during Mexican
Independence Day weekend.
He just earned his 24th No. 1 hit song,
“Loco,” on the Billboard Latin Airplay
At the same time, his English-language hit,
“Turn Up The Night,” is No. 1 on the Dance
chart — his 13th No. 1 dancer.
Is there anything else he wants you to
“Keep your ears and eyes open for my
brand new album, which is coming out in
November,” Enrique says as efficiently as a

source: www.reviewjournal.com/columns-blogs/doug-elfman/enrique-iglesias-hi...

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 love that interview, love enrique !!! he's the best ever !!!

Sweet interview, thanks for typing it out..Sarah

Thanks Ebrahim to share!  :)

With the link!  Great!

you're welcome Enriquettes <3


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