Enrique's new song is called HEART ATTACK to be premeired on y100 m.i.a.m.i!! Delight

Y100 miami says the world premiere will be at 3.45 pm :-)

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omg! it seems a ballad song,when we can hear it?

Dont know much about it , it is played once on y100 station and has not yet officially released. In a week it will be ooficially announced will be sent to radio , maybe with the announcement of the album. who knows :-)

This has been posted on official froggy (one part of the elvis duran show) twitter account: "Listen up @ 3:45p fans for of his new track "

This one is posten by y100 Miami twitter account: "Listen up @ 3:45p fans for of his new track "

No official word to this premiere on the official website of enrique iglesias. We've only got an announcement by froggy, the radio stations twitter account and a user post. Slowly I begin to ask myself, if the official Team (management and record company) behind enrique iglesias doesn't want enrique to be successful anymore, because of the fact that they give us barely news, not even such great news like the premiere of his new single. I missed the premiere, because I did not know about it and unfortunately so far I couldn't find any other news or short clips about his new single.

latest post by froggy: " it played once…but it’s not officially released yet…VERY soon though!!"

It seems so crazy and very confusing. Enrique is releasing a third single off his yet untitled album scheduled to be released in november and we still got no official news about it. He did not even really promoted the first two singles on tv or anywhere live during shows. I don't understand this. It is crazier than ever with news about enrique iglesias. "turn the night up" did not very well in the mainstream charts and they are about to release a new english single, without promoting the first singles off the new album.

There might be some changes going on with enrique, new band members, different release radio dates (earlier than said on his website), barely news on his official website. It seems he is working very hard on this album. He mentioned it in almost every interview, but If his team goes on this way, releasing singles without much marketing and promotion, debuting songs on the radio without telling even his fans, I doubt this new album will be a big success besides the latin charts. This makes me really sad as a long time fan (a fan since the release of "si tu te vas" on 1995).

I agree with you ! There was more promotion with Euphoria

When Euphoria was released, everything was in motion and had a good timing. The album followed soon after the first single. The single "I like it" was featured on a popular tv show, called jersey shore, which was good promo and we had two music videos for the song. Furthermore enrique played it live in New York City and on a couple of tv shows. He gave lots of interviews in magazines, on radio and on tv.

This time he did not play and promote "turn the night up" and "loco" yet and surprisingly a third single, called "heart attack" will be released and debuted on radio today. Usually he releases around 2, 3 or 4 singles off an album and now it seems we have a 3rd single with "heart attack" before the album is even out.

Throwing out single after single without promoting them doesn't make any sense to me and I am wondering why they do it this way, because it is hard to be successful in the mainstream charts without promo. When they promote the album, the way they do it with the first singles off the album, then I doubt it will be that successful, even though it might be a good album. I am disappointed and it makes me sad to see that this time, we only

Yeah it's not like many of us predicted that he'd release another song before the album dropped...oh wait we did.

It's not exactly uncommon these days to sneak in a second single a lot of artists are doing it. Of course I imagined it would be next month or later this month. It's possible they stepped it up since 'Turn The Night Up' hasn't been quite so instant.

Then again this could simply be a promo single, again not uncommon these days. Katy Perry who of course is doing very well in the charts at the moment has another song coming out soon which is acting as a promo or "side single".

I know you're trying to say that Euphoria had vastly more promo but at this point it really didn't. He had quite a few radio interviews but the TV promo for 'I Like It' began the week of the album release. Trying to rewrite history in this regard is not going to make them rethink their strategy.

I know you're trying to say that Euphoria had vastly more promo but at this point it really didn't. He had quite a few radio interviews but the TV promo for 'I Like It' began the week of the album release.

You are right, but consider that when euphoria was released there was not so much time beteween the first single and album. "I like it" was released on May 3, 2010 and "euphoria" was released July 5, 2010.

So you see, there is only 2 months between single and album, an now we have around 4 months between "turn the night up" his first single released end of july and the album followed in november. And after the release of the album he did a lof of promo and now they don't seem to give "turn the night up" even a chance anymore, they just release a new song, without even promoting the first single. If they do exactly the same thing with "heart attack", like they treated "turn the night up", it will go a similar way.

I do really hope that something will happen and they learned that promo, more radio, TV shows, tv appearences and so on is needed. But to be honest, what shall we think, when they don't even tell us here on his official website about the radio premiere.

A similar argument could have been made when he released 'Heartbeat' as one of those Countdown to Release songs on iTunes. In fact I remember at that point some blogs claiming that he was rushing out another single as 'I Like It' wasn't a hit.

We shouldn't necessarily jump to the conclusion they are writing off 'Turn The Night Up' because they have another song out no more than people should write off Katy Perry's 'Roar' because she has another song that will be released to a few stations.

The timing does seem a little suspect but if and when he does do TV promo for this album he could sing both. If he performs on the Today Show he could do both in the same set, sometimes the likes of Live with Kelly & Michael and Ellen allow their acts to perform two songs. His other usual promo outlets he could sing whichever song 'fits' best with the show.

I don't think the legnth of time between the single and album release is really an issue. What does make this different to the Euphoria era is that 'I Like It' became a hit on mainly it's own merit well before he started TV promo whereas 'Night' notsomuch. Ironicaly radio reception seems to be warm enough to the song but it seems sales have tapered off after the initial surge. Admittedly this is were a TV performance or two would be good but I believe they are saving that for closer to the album release.

 Hard to get excited when there is no sign of promotion  and they just pull these songs out of their hats. I don't understand this. Froggie is always shooting his mouth off he must love the attention. Does Enrique and or his management only want his fans to know about his music and make it only available to this US fans NOT FAIR Why are they rushing this why not wait till October for a worldwide release a month before the album drops?  I hate social media it is all they are using. TOO SOON and without warning or promo

Many fans ENRIQUE 's have need to learn patience!
Let to our idol the pleasure to offer us his new songs himself!

It is not about learning to be patient, it is more that we are worried and concerned about the very bad promo so far. A 2rd single and he did not even really promoted the first 2 ones. I guess we all want enrique and his new music to be successful, but with almost no promo, it will be harder than ever. And so far there is almost no promo for "Turn the night up" and see where it is in the usa mainstream billboard charts 78 http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100?page=7


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