Yes!!!! Omg!!!!!!! Im going crazy right now like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! They r gonna premiere the song in mix 98.3 miami.. Im not sure if u can listen online.. Try the app uforia. It's gonna be out at 8am friday in enrique santos show.. Make sure to tweet him & give good feedback ;) ....his twetter is @enriquesantos @mix983

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Enrique sure is working turbo speed!  Love it!  Can't ever get enough of him! 

 Why aren't his people announcing this? Why do the fans have to do everything?  They did take down the sample off amazon. No presale yet on itunes. I am excited. I think it is better to play the song earlier. It would have been confusing to have everything the song premiere  the video premiere and the song up for sale all the same time. The song is going to blow up on Latin songs on itunes. It will most likely knock TTTU out of first place. Don't forget Santos fans will be buying it too.l 

When it comes to announcing news on this site or confirming rumors, it is always very difficult and always the same, because for many years now fans find and publish news and rumors here, hours, days and weeks before it is confirmed or officially posted by his team on his official website, where you hope to finde it first. We don't even know officially when the album is out and if it will be a bilingual one or if he plans to release 2 albums, one in english, one in spanish. When you search the internet for new releases in 2013, enrique's album is not even listed there for 2013.

"Loco" is listed for 24. august 2013, here is the link to "loco" on amazon:

We official know it's bilingual album, we know it's coming on November... Enrique (or his team) and also Joe Bonilla posted "Loco" the song + the official video is coming on Monday, August 26... We don't know when it's on iTunes but I think it'll be on Monday as well

It's sad that we know things before Enrique or his team say it but I think it's everywhere the same, Indi Jones and as long as I remember it was always this way

As far as I know, all enrique said is, that it will be released someday in november and as far as I know he or his team never confirmed that officially or that his album is bilingual. We are just guessing and after we have an english and a spanish single out these days, I believe it is a bilingual album, too.

It would be amazing when someday you go on his official website and you'll be surprised about single/ album news you never read or heared before over the internet. I guess some things will never change and it is now for years now that his fans find information/ news and rumors somewhere on the internet first and much later confirmed or announced on his official site, where those news should appear first.

*By the way, I can't wait to listen to the new single "loco".

Thanks so much for this information, Ines! I can't wait to hear it!!! 

Thanks ines! :) can't wait! 

 I love this picture! I just wish it was better quality  thanks harry but i already have it :)

Cute logo!!

 They still have not  posted anything about the preview of Loco  If this website did not have a message board the fans would be missing out on everything. But you are right it is been like that for years now. They should make  They should make his events schedule Wiki, so fans can put in events and such.  If a fan were to make a schedule thread they would get called out by other fans telling them to wait to Enrique team to post it. Guess what if they waited for the preivier of the song to be posted they would miss it. it going to happen in less than half an hour. SO EXCITED 

It's a pity! Without this fan forum we wouldn't know about the radio debut of his new spanish single "loco" today and a lot of other news. I don't understand the strategy and the reason for this way they choose to manage things. Only a few concert events are posted from time to time, but really important news are not or very late. Fans on his official forum should know such things first, 'cause we are his fans, who want to support him. You are right, there is no official news about today's radio debut of his new song. They told us, it will debut monday 26 th 2013, but nothing about today's radio debut, so what is so weird or hard to post a few news lines once in awhile to inform his fans.


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