So is everybody excited for Enrique to be on tour in the US again?  I wish I was going but I'm happy for everyone that goes this time, get some good videos for us to see...

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Replies to This Discussion         I love this song it's a classic from Enrique and Tom Jones.

.     Another good one.....

Hey Mickey I hope you could see him.

I wish I could travel to see Enrique but not so soon since my daughter is too small but very soon I will.

Anything for Enrique...................hehhee

Iona I wish I could but I don't have any $$$, right now I'm waiting on disability, I finally got a hearing but it's not until August, so I can't do much right now, I know a lot of people going like Wanda and Lynn, I'm sure Sole will go in Chicago, not sure if Sharon can afford it right now, I bet Anita goes to at least one show, I hope everyone comes and posts their videos here for us, that would make my day....

Yes I know quite a few of them going. I would love to be for at least one of the shows in USA.

I have done Europe now a tour to USA and a concert of EI is pending hope the dream will come true soon.

I wish everyone good luck for those going to the concerts. Have fun.

Well I've seen Enrique 7 times so it's not going to kill me to miss one tour, I'm excited for the new album, I hope you get your chance that would be fun for you....

Here is a cool video from Wanda she posted it on my facebook page check it out...     I Love this video too...    

Another good one with Lil Wayne!!!

Enrique is in Chicago tonite, I hope anyone with videos from the concert will post them here, I bet they are having a blast!!!!

 Here is a link to Arianna Grandes concert in Manchester, it's awesome check it out

Thanks for sharing Mickey! :))


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