Sorry it's taken me so long to get this posted.  I haven't even looked at all my pics yet!  I'll post a link as soon as I can.

NYC June 30 and July 1

Enrique performing in NYC is always a special treat, especially at MSG because it’s so convenient to come in on the train!   After meeting Lynn’s plane, we grabbed a quick lunch and got on the train.  It was a nice treat to get Enrique two nights in a row at MSG.  It’s right there where the train comes in and we stayed in a hotel just across the street.  The only disadvantage is having to bring luggage on the train but it actually worked out without much hassle, possibly because of the time of day when we traveled.  Diana met us at the hotel.

After a long line to check in, we got settled in our room, shared pics and got ready to go to the concert.  Lynn met up with a friend who would sit in the VIP seats with her and Diana and I had “hot seats”, which was a lower level VIP.  We got to go in the VIP entrance but a little later than the higher level VIPs, but we got the tote bag, magnet, VIP water bottle, and commemorative ticket with the city and date listed.  The second night we all had hot seat VIPs and got the same merchandise.

We were happy that we only had one security check on the way in and the security people were actually joking with us.  The guy checking bags said he was just looking for a stack of $50.00 bills.  I told him I was looking for that too.  LOL  They had no issues with cameras but they did send an email the day before saying they wanted us to limit how many bags we came in with so that the security check would go faster.  It was fast!  Of course we were very happy that cameras were allowed.

Both nights we had the opportunity to go to the memorabilia table before everyone else came in and to go to our seats.  The first night I bought the tour book with glossy photos, mainly from the Subeme la Radio video.  Both nights we had difficulty getting to our seats with people giving us the wrong directions. And we wasted a lot of steps back and forth.

Friday night was a little stressful for me when I got to the area where I would sit (we all had separate seats on Fri. night.)  The usher told me to wait while they put up more chairs.  My seat was chair 16 but they only had seats up to 14 and they were sold up to 18!  Another usher told me and another girl we could sit in the back of the section while they got it figured out.  The usher said, “How are you doing tonight?”  I said, “I’ll let you know when I see where I’m sitting.”   She said, “don’t worry.  We have an awesome seat for you.”  I said, “That’s good to hear.”  I’ve heard of people getting displaced from their expected seat and I was concerned.  As it turned out, there were enough chairs set up, but they had been numbered wrong.  So they renumbered, moved over the people already seated and I was shown to my seat.  PHEW!

The first night I was in the center section behind the front section where the catwalk was.  I actually had a better view there than I did the second night when I was in the middle section (catwalk section), last row, kind of toward the side away from the catwalk, which ended several rows in front of us.  I took a lot of pictures both nights from the screen but I was able to see Enrique “live” more on Fri. than on Sat.  All 3 of us are short so needless to say, when we had lots of taller people in front of us, it blocked our direct view of the stage and catwalk.  Enrique was closest to us at the end of the catwalk but most of the time even when he was there I couldn’t see him.  If it wasn’t for the screen, I’d have barely any pictures.

I’ll just say that the seats were an experiment both nights.  We thought being near the end of the catwalk would be awesome.  But we found out it is more than just being at the end of the catwalk, for us shorties, we would have to be near the center aisle to really have it be a great seat.  So yeah, these were not great seats, even though we paid a premium price for “hot seats”.  I’ll said it again, what I’d rather put my money into is the purchase of a seat in the right location.  The VIP perks are nice, but it’s not those perks that make me willing to pay a higher price.  It’s the seat location.  If I could pay less and get the seat of my choice, I’d be happy.  The only other perk that I’d intentionally pay more for is one not offered, a meet and greet!

So even though there was some disappointment in the seats, all that faded away when Enrique took the stage.  I was completely focused on trying to take a live picture, which was impossible most of the time on Sat., or focusing on the screen.  I was probably looking at the screen at times when Enrique was at the end of the catwalk where some of the time I could have seen him on Sat. but on Fri.  I did get more live pics.

On Fri. we expected Enrique to be before Pitbull because he and Pitbull were alternating who closed and it was Enrique’s turn to go first.  We were surprised on Sat. that he went first again.

This time we got there early enough to see the opening act CNCO.  Although we were not familiar with them, their music was pleasant to listen to.

But it was Enrique we were waiting for and he was the one we came to see.  So when he popped up at the end of the catwalk we were ready.  I had my camera aimed and ready to capture the moment but like many other moments on both nights, I was blocked from seeing it and taking the picture.  There were a few times when I managed to see him between heads and arms, etc. but the camera lens couldn’t find him.

The playlist was very similar to Chicago but not as long.

Subeme la radio
I'm a freak
I like how it feels
Duele el corazon
be With you


El perdon
I like it


This is not exactly in order.  Loco was sung on the back stage and part of Hero.  Although I am glad the back stage portion was not as long as it has been in Chicago, I would have liked to have the same set list as Chicago, which had 2 additional songs.  When Enrique was on the back stage, I could see his back mostly.  Even though my seat was further back on the floor, I was still in front of the back stage and he faces to the rear mostly on the backstage.  I could see what was going on by watching and taking pictures of the screen.  During Hero when he was in the back he had a platform that rose up.  It was easy for me to see him on the platform but most of the time I was seeing his back.  I don’t know if this is something new or I just couldn’t see it in Chicago but having him raised up in the back was a definite plus.


NYC at MSG seems to hold a special place in Enrique’s heart whenever he plays there.  He always seems to share a special memory.  On both nights he talked about how he performed Hero for the first time in NYC.

The show was not very much different from what I wrote about the Chicago.  He seemed to be emotional at times, during Loco and Hero.  He made Subeme la Radio fun on the conveyor belt but it didn’t have the same impact where I sat at MSG as it did when I was in Chicago.  When I could see it live, it seems to be a big part of the show but watching on the screen, I could hardly tell he was even on it.  It is a great song to open with, with its catch beat and how fun Enrique makes it with the conveyor belt.

I got to see a lot more of the light show that is on the big screen on the stage.  When you sit close up, although there are a lot of advantages, you can’t get the effect of the light show if you’re “too close”.  I have some pictures showing parts of it.  Two songs that have the lights are I’m a freak, I like how it feels (a couple of songs you can “feel the heat” from the background fire).  They are not the only ones with a light show.  I just can’t remember which songs had what in the background.  There were also big puffs of mist that came out during some of the songs, creating a cloudy haze and a quick breath of cool air. 

Bailando had the video playing on the big screen behind the band.  Bailando is always a “hot” song with the little dance at the end of the catwalk.

Be with You is one of my favorites and it always makes me think of NYC. It seems like the perfect  song to perform there although, I love it every place I hear it.

Escape always gets the crowd going and Enrique as usual was all over the stage interacting with fans during the song.  In Chicago, the interaction with fans was missing but both shows in NYC, it was back to normal, with Enrique making the night of many of his fans.  I wasn’t located in a seat that would allow me to be one of those lucky fans, but I’m not complaining.  I’ve had those exciting  moments before and I am happy for those fans who had that experience in NYC.

I like it was the closing song.  It seems that when Enrique goes first, Pitbull does not come and join him for the song.  The song is great either way.  The balloons and confetti are always fun.  On Sat. night a balloon came right to me and I was going to grab it.  But it bounced off my fingertips and as usual, a taller person nearby sent it back up in the air, never to return.  It seemed like the balloons come out from a different location than from previous tours.  They seemed to come from the top, like where people are sitting in the balcony but only up near the stage and catwalk, not from the back.  Although, some balloons did  make it to the back.  Lynn had gotten a balloon Fri. night but had gotten some previous to that.  She gave me her Fri.  night balloon.  She managed to untie it and let the air out so I have a 100% whole balloon (with no air.  It couldn’t come home with air in it anyway.)

Since Enrique performed first, we left both nights after his performance. 

It all ended too soon but we had a great time meeting up with friends and having an Enrique adventure together.


I will post more pics later but here is one from each night.

From Fri.

 From. Sat.




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I am still working on my NYC pics!  I have a lot but a lot are not good.  I will eventually post a link!  LOL

Finally my pics are ready.  Even if you're not on FB you should be able to see the pics:

NYC 6-30-17

NYC 7-1-17

Thank you Linda for your awesome pics. On some photos, it's clear that he's sick. Poor Enrique !


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