Who's going to NYC to watch Enrique at the Telemundo Upfronts on Monday?

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I wish! I can't afford Enrique adventures anymore :(((

I hear ya! On the up side, it's free if you live in NY.

My work's headquarters are going to be at the Upfronts. I wish I could make it!

Hi I am available. How can I go?

Shoot an e-mail to teamei305@gmail.com

Ok  I did :D Did they answer you?

I can't go - so I never sent them an email. Keep me posted on what happens!

Ok I will :D

nothing yet Friday, May 12.

So far nothing happens :D hopefully something will :D

Did you get anything? Because no one I know has received anything

Hoping you do, let me know if you hear back!

nothing I received nothing :D


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