Hello guys,

just found out that Enrique is gonna come in Greece on May 10th but in the homepage isn`t anything yet at all.. is it true or it isn`t still confirmed??? If anyone knows, please tell... 


Vivi xxx 

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Where did you read it???

I don't see any confirmation date yet.

Maybe they are finalizing the dates / tickets.

Are you going to see him???



P.S. Please throw your bra so he can catch it again....................hehhe


I just saw that he is coming ot Greece.

Have a nice time and please kick his butt to India.............LOL

Hehe Iona, 

sure I`m going to see him but I won`t throw my bra again anymore hehehe..

But I will kick his butt to India just for you, to see him again, hahahaha!!!! 

Hahaha  Vivi

He has come after a long long time in search of the girl who threw the bra so please please.........he should find his princesss..................LOL

Oh kicking his butt you can do that but for that you will have to get on stage............so good luck.

Iona waiting with arms open to embrace Enrique after Vivi kick his butt

I don`t think so that I will jump on stage... 

But if they will have meet and greet I will sure go backstage to meet him and then I will talk to him about you Iona and I will kick his butt to India... LOL

I think they have the auction for Save the Children where you get a M & G I suppose.

Sometimes some sponsors of the event have a M & G too. Keep trying. Good Luck.

Yeah waiting for E in India to kick his butt back to Miami.......lol


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