Hey,Should a song of Enrique featuring Eminem be made??


I want Enrique's Song with Eminem....

for Example -

F**k the way you lie... :D sorry i am kidding...

But please i want Enrique to sing with Eminem....!!!

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mee too :) I want Enrique to do a song wiv Eminem

i think Eminem is great, but the one who matches better with Enrique is Jay Z with some Rihanna on the top ;) i already wrote a song for them 3... i even once wrote a song for Enrique and Beyonce... wow, am crazy, i could die...

Yeah ! Strongly Agree Here :)

I Think Eminem Is The Best Rapper ! The World Needs This Guy & Kikeee ! Words Can't Describe Him ... Hehe ! He's The Best !! I Do Love Them Both & I'm Sure If They Do Such A Think It'll Explode Like A Bomb ;)


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