Hi everyone,

Wanted to let you guys know that we want to be closer than ever with all of Enrique's super fans, fan clubs and fan pages so are going to be contacting fans via e-mail, please be on the look out for an e-mail from us!

- EI Team.

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Hm, don't want to sound dissapointed, but I haven't got anything yet..  ) but I'm curious what's it about? 

Today I remembered Saynow messages )) it would be cool if they return something like that.. I miss the voice lol "Hey guys, I'm actually  now in the studio" ))  We now have whatsapp and it's actually possible to record calls, why not make some activities with this..  they need to promote the new song and this would be great (free) option for them.. 

Ketty I have not heard anything either so don't worry. As usual I am kidding.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah I so love the Say Now Messages.............Enrique can record those voice calls.

He will begin like

Hey Guys Wassup hmmmmmmmmmmm I have been in the studio.....hmmmmmm and I recorded a song hmmmmmmm  Now I am putting my baby to sleep hmmmmmmmmmmmm am singing a lullaby hmmmmmmmmmm  See you guys.

I love it.

Haha!)) Yes, it would be cute..I would like to hear Enrique's lullaby lol   and maybe his dogs sing together with him lol (some dogs just can't help it but sing together with owners lol).. also would be funny when the twins start to walk and run in the night.. like in this video hhaha.. 

they may put the voice to any picture and make it a video and post in instagram or here, if they need traffic to the website.. I don't know their marketing plan lol.. but anyway this is a cool way for any celebrity to attract new fans )) 


Hahaha I come up with some stupid message.

I love the video Ketty

Do you recollect in UK one of the reporters kids came in the camera and his wife had to hide him.........It was so amazing to see the kid.

Imagine kids popping up in some of the video message........hehehhe or singing with E when he is recording...............hahahhaa

Hello, great idea

I'm still waiting for the email from Enrique-Admin, I guess you are special Iona, it must of been all the ideas  you had, that got their attention,  I ordered a 2017 tour shirt it should be here this week, so that's cool....

Ts shit....

,closer is only possible when real love is true,

But thats gone now forever with most fake fans and with fake love !!

And yeah enrique is changed, his music is changed his love is changed !!

Good old years are never gonne come back again !!

#don't blame others when its Your own fault !! #

#its your choice to love the wrong ppl !!#

#honestly is everything !! #

# karma don't leave you alone !! #

What are you saying to Enrique? I don't get it, explain Yvonne....

  He choice fake love above true love !!

Its his own choice,so he don't have to complain at al!!

So i can't help him anymore  !!...........

She is another Paty...............LMAO

Ignore the freaaaaaaaaaaaaky fans are here

I remember Paty, she hated Kournikova, Texy had fun with her, giving her warnings and deleting her posts,  so you never told me what was in th email, send me a copy to a pm Iona I'm curious.....

Yes Paty was fun she was another freaaaaky fan.................ROTFL I miss the old days.

Remember she also told that Enrique emailed and phoned her............hahahhaha

Check your PM I sent the email.


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