Hey Enrique Fans,

So I saw a news report of the hollywood walk of fame and I started to think..does Enrique Iglesias have a star? He doesn't. Which really surprised me. I mean, 17 years in the music business, 28 billboard awards, over 70 million records sold all over the world. I think he deserves a Star.

The rules of getting a Star are as follow:

- the fans can nominate

-the nominee or his or her management is in agreement with the nomination (a letter of agreement from the nominated celebrity or representative must accompany the application).

-the nominee must have 5 years of experience

-nominations cannot proceed without the nominee's consent

-A fee (currently $30,000), payable at time of selection, is collected to pay for the creation and installation of the star, as well as general maintenance of the Walk of Fame. The fee is usually paid by the nominating organization, which may be a fan club, or a film studio, record company, broadcaster, or other sponsor involved with the prospective honoree

 I really want to see where we can vote and have Enrique Iglesias nominated. What do you guys think? If anyone can find information on when an how we can nominate him that would be great. Don't you think Enrique Iglesias deserves a Star his fans could someday go and take a picture with?


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No he doesnt have a star his father does but he doesnt:


i was really dissapointed too after i found out =( well i hope he gets one soon...


this is the form u hv to download and u also need an approval from Enrique or his manager and ull be needing alot of money and many singers/actors dont have their stars cuz they say they cant b there for the ceremony or that they cant pay the given amount of money required....

I agree  Ashley ...really deserves a star in the Walk of Fame ...:)

I really really really want Enrique to have a star. He really deserves one i mean I've been looking around, i don't know half the people i see on the hollywood side walk. I even think he deserves one more than his dad (sorry Julio). He's the King of latin pop. The king (elvis) has one, the prince (Michael Jackson) has one, so why shouldn't enrique? I mean who cares about finances, he's an international super star! I was really disappointed that he didn't have one. How do we nominate him? BECAUSE IF THERE IS A WAY THEN I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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