Just found this on the internet and I`m like "Whaaat???" 


Anyone knows if it`s true?? 

Thank you, 

Vivi xx 

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The secret son of Julio Iglesias is Javier and is 40 years old

An attorney announces that he has a DNA test obtained in Miami that tests the relationship. The offspring was born when the singer was married to Isabel Preysler

Valencia 7 JUL 2017
Julio Iglesias in Puerto Rico in September 2016. GTRESONLINE / EPV

Javier Sánchez Santos, 40, raised in the harsh environment of the maritime district of Valencia, is the son of Julio Iglesias, one of the most accomplished singers in history, and a Portuguese dancer. So at least he has proclaimed this Thursday his lawyer, Fernando Osuna, in a press conference before the Courts of Torrent. Osuna claims to have obtained DNA material from a direct male relative - a brother, son or father - from the artist in Miami, USA, through a Spanish detective. And have verified that there is a match of 99.9% with that of your client. The man, according to his lawyer, is "content, nervous and expectant."

Despite having evidence that he considers irrefutable, the lawyer from Seville, who has led other cases of paternity, some of them famous, such as the one that led Manuel Benítez to be recognized as the son of El Cordobés , anticipates that the judicial battle with the legal team ofJulio Iglesias , which will begin in the coming days with the filing of a lawsuit, will be long.

"They will try everything. To say that the competence to judge the matter is not from Spain, but from the United States or the Dominican Republic. Challenge the test. To say that the detective that got it has manipulated it, that the chain of custody was not legal ... If it were my client I would do it, "said Osuna.

Fernando Osuna, the lawyer who represents Javier Sanchez.Fernando Osuna, the lawyer who represents Javier Sanchez. KAI FORSTERLING EFE

Javier Sánchez was born in 1976 and was the result of the relationship maintained a year earlier by María Edite Santos and Julio Iglesias, when she was married to Isabel Preysler, according to the lawsuit prepared by the firm Osuna Abogados.

In 1992, Maria Edite appeared before the press to tell their relationship accompanied by her son, who was then studying BUP's second and showed a clear resemblance to the artist. A judge in Valencia was right, but the suit was later dismissed on appeal. Julio Iglesias never accepted to undergo the DNA test.

Javier Sánchez and his mother, in 1995, at the presentation of the album 'Soy como tú' at a nightclub in Madrid.Javier Sánchez and his mother, in 1995, at the presentation of the album 'Soy como tú' at a nightclub in Madrid. EFE

The young man appeared in several television programs and magazines of the pink press, in which he explained that he felt "hurt" by the attitude of his supposed father, and tried to carve his own career as a singer. In those years the successful career of his presumed brother, Enrique Iglesias, began. But after the initial interest in his kinship, lacking contacts and perhaps talent, that of Javier Sanchez declined soon.His discography includes the albums Soy como tú (1995) and Lucha y verás(1999).

From that moment on, Javier Sánchez disappeared from the radar of the media. His lawyer says he works, although he does not specify what, and announces that he will appear before the press next week.

That, if confirmed paternity, will become ninth child of Julio Iglesias, grew up with his mother and her husband, cook, in the maritime towns of Valencia, between the neighborhoods of El Cabanyal and La Malva-rosa. An area that in the eighties and early nineties was humble, working class and had a serious problem with the sale of drugs, specifically with heroin.

Julio Iglesias has three children of his marriage with Isabel Preysler, Chabeli, Julio and Enrique, and five more with his current wife, the Belgian Miranda Rijnsburger, Miguel, Rodrigo, Victoria, Guillermo and Cristina.

The key to the process before the courts will be the validity of the evidence obtained in Miami. "They are organic remains collected from various objects that are garbage, are unusable, have been abandoned and caught in a public place.The whole process, moreover, has been recorded. It's as if you took that butt from the ground, knowing who it is, put it in a bag and send it quickly to a laboratory, "said the lawyer. Julio Iglesias may again refuse to undergo a DNA test, but in that case the refusal will turn into an indication against him.

Osuna implies that the organic remains obtained in Miami belong to a male relative of the "very close" environment of Julio Iglesias, although he refuses to completely rule out that he may be of this. He admits, however, that getting DNA from the most famous Spanish singer in history would have been more difficult.


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